Girl gamers and gamer girl YOU’LL WANT TO BANG

Girl gamers and gamer girl YOU’LL WANT TO BANG

2020 was an exciting year in the world of porn. There were a series of new parodies based on the Marvel films, Stormy Daniels became a trending search term and a starlet whose fame was reborn, and Fortnite took off in adult entertainment.

What does this last term refer to?

For those uninitiated, Fornite is a web-based, social shooter-survival game featuring gorgeous graphics, a variety of weapons systems, and many sexy female characters. Being so popular Fortnite tournaments have turned teenagers into millionaires, and the franchise generates billions every year.

What does this have to do with porn?

As I said, this term started to become a typical search query in 2018 and has been popular ever since then. This is probably in part due to the fact that it is so popular and many of the characters look damn fine.

But this is but one of several smut search terms which involve some kind of console game.

Remember, Fortnite, among many; many others are not just a “boys thing.” There are plenty of gamer girlz (casuals and posers) and gurl gamers (hardcore enthusiasts) who like to play with more than one kind of joystick. Here are but a few of them who have broadcast themselves all over the web.



Teen playing league of legends with an OhMiBod

Sometimes the sequel really is better than the original.

Now I had heard of all sorts of things while jerking, fucking, or having other amorous fun. However, I’ve never seen someone gaming hardcore while being pleasured with a telephonic dildo.

If you haven’t either now, you can thanks to Lana Rains hour plus recorded stream, which shows her playing LoL with her tits out and a vibrating toy stuck in her. There are three screens presented in the frame, so don’t get overstimulated.


 Stepsister is a gamer girl who loves a good sized cock

Who doesn’t like a good-sized cock? Okay, I don’t, but what I mean is, who doesn’t like seeing a pretty pussy get stuffed with one?

Most of the videos we’re looking at are amateur, but this is one of the few professional pornos which feature a smut star, Kristen Scott, who shows off her gaming and sex skills with a middle-aged man.


Gamer girl get fucked while playing League of legends

Have you ever seen a casual handjob shot point-of-view before? Watch this video, and now you can say that you have. Besides a little rub and tug action, there is some awesome from behind banging as well. Overall, this is an excellent video from PornHub starlet Cakes and Foxy.


Gamer girl fucked while playing Grand theft auto

In case you are a fan, this is a sample brought to you by OnlyFans, which means that these are verified amateurs who love to fuck, not dolled up models who look like plastic. I should also add that the couple in the video is intergenerational – she’s a tiny, young blondie, and he’s a silver-haired potbellied man.

If that’s you’re thing, click over immediately after you’re done with this post. If not, give this video a look anyway – you’ll never know what you’re into until you give it a try or look.


Gamer girl multitask

I’m not sure what her PlayStation handle is (if you do let me know), but if I had to guess, it’s the same as her xVideos name Miss Banana. It’s rather fitting considering the fact that she has a talent for licking and sucking human bananas. Besides having exceptional oral skills, she’s got a knack for taking above-average peen in her nookie.


Player Mortal kombat cute gamer girl Marcelin Adabir

Ms. Marcelin sports a cute, colorful onesie, which conveniently has a zipper in the backend which her boyfriend takes full advantage of. With her butt bare, Marcelin shakes her cakes and reveals she’s got a toy stuck in her.

Her boy toy adds to the pleasure by pumping her from behind like an angry plumber taking on a heavily clogged loo. To sum up, the scene is lovely to look at and has one helluva happy ending.


Sexy solo gamer girl masturbating with controller

Sometimes when having some casual fun, you feel the need to pleasure yourself in other ways at the same time. That is certainly true for this woman from Hoodgamers_Girls. While enjoying a racing simulator, she stimulates her pussy with her PS2 controller’s vibrating function. And she doesn’t hold back on showing off all of her pink parts during the video either.

Gamer teen Gia Derza gets her pussy licked

Most of the pairings I’ve listed are boy-girl, but it’s always nice to see something different, right? And what could be better than seeing two girls go to town with each other? Well, there is one thing that certainly comes close, but that’s in the next video.

Anyway, I’ve heard of guys nude gaming or jerking off next to each other, but this video, I think, showcases the girl-girl equivalent of both.

Two gals help each other get comfortable and naked while they play a CoD multiplayer while riding some sex dildos. From time to time, they play with each other between a few innocent kisses and encouraging each other as they enjoy their toys.

Michelle’s sweet orgy anal xxx all women and teen home hd gamer girls

This one is especially special as it stars not one, not two, but three sexy nubiles. At the start, the trio of teens is playing PS4 while some young stud goes down the line going down on them and dicking them.

Further, the girls themselves are a nice mix of ethnic extraction and are ginger, brunette, and raven-haired. You know what they say about variety, spices, and what that does to life.


Fortnite and fuck! Cute game girl gets fucked while playing Fortnite

I told ya’ll that Fortnite is popular among the gamer and porn community! Both are undoubtedly true for realCutiePie, who likes having her mouth and muff hole occupied with a dick while dominating the virtual field.

Impressively, she keeps playing even while giving not one, but two blowjobs! As I’ve noted before, it must really be true what they say about women being better at multitasking.

Cums on gamer while she plays Mortal kombat

Marcelin Abadir is at it again!

Clearly, she has a thing for maximum stimulation as this scene starts with her enjoying a butt plug inside her while gaming. Then her boyfriend comes in and works his fleshy joystick into her other hole from behind.

And in the end, Marcelin gets the urge to FINISH HER and pops off a load on her fanny.

As a nice bonus, with the angle, you see actual footage of Mortal Kombat X, which is being played in real-time. Apparently, this girl really does have skills – talk about being especially sexy, eh?


Final words

Clearly, there are a lot of horny amateurs out there who love to show off their bodies and sex lives – and not all of them are nerds or geeks. There are studs and gym gals, chubs and chasers, girlfriends and boyfriends, among many other types who have an interest in showing off for the whole internet to see.

Thanks to the availability of editing software, relatively cheap high def cameras, and inexpensive domain hosting, just about anyone can make their own pornos, and many upstart studios have.

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